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Corona Virus Update
Things are constantly changing as we learn more about the ex...

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Corona Virus Update - October 23, 2020 -  Dear DreamHouse Friends and Guests - Although this is not a typical fall, all the things we LOVE about Autumn in Vermont are still here!  The temperature is beginning to dip, fall colors are abundant and there's fresh apples and cider for all to enjoy.  It's been a long summer so why not come up and visit us and enjoy the best season of the year at the best small B&B in Vermont! . . .We are now accepting reservations and our
Covid Cancellation Policy
allows you to
make last minute changes including cancellations at no cost to you ( more info ) . Please be sure to review the details of the current Vermont Travel Restrictions before booking and if you need assistance, please contact us. There's still time to come up and enjoy so don't let Autumn in Vermont pass you by this year! We appreciate your support during this ongoing crisis, and always! Please take care of yourselves and your neighbors. 

Hope to see you soon! -Sue & Steve

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